Rewards of the consulting life

The Standard

[Nairobi, Kenya] Among the rewards of the unusual career that is consulting, one of the best is when you actually see a newspaper make improvement – before the relaunch actually takes place. This is possible via deliberate conversations, an orchestrated training program, a top-down commitment to better packaging, and yes, you need to have talent on staff.

Following an intensive training program here at The Standard newspaper, I was so pleased to pick up the paper at my hotel and see the above front page. It’s NOT the new logo, fonts, page size, or colour palette (which may or may not be in the works!) – but rather, rock-solid execution of the day’s news using the existing styles, and some devices that were talked about during my training. Provocative headlines. Layered headlines and decks. Smart summaries and references.

Tabs tend to be quite fun to work with, No. 2 papers even moreso, and when the staff “gets it” (and this was just one example of dozens of great pages that have cropped up since the training program, old fonts but new thinking), the work is even more enjoyable. In Kenya, people read the newspaper voraciously, circulation has been growing (yes), and politics is the lead each day, so it’s cool to think that making the daily report sharper and more focused, for both scanners and depth readers, might actually help the democracy here.

For a list of just a portion of training programs I offer, visit this page.

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