Newspapers dying? Don’t tell these 5 startups

current newspaper startups

Perhaps hard to believe with the current business climate, but people are still boldly starting up newspapers. Five startups have been among my projects within the last year:

  • Crain’s Manchester Business, a U.K. offshoot of the most notable city business publications in the U.S. This weekly title is a fully original, locally produced product and went live in December 2007. (You can visit their website here. Click here to download a 6-page PDF of sample pages.)
  • Negocios Now, a Hispanic business weekly here in Chicago, which after prototyping and testing with advertisers and readers late last year, aims to begin publication this summer.
  • Vero Beach 32963, a weekly community newspaper in Florida, where Milton Benjamin, a former Washington Post editor, saw a niche and went for it. The paper launched end of May, and Milton reports that advertiser interest and commitment have exceeded his expectations, and reader reaction to the new design has been extremely favorable.
  • A brand new daily newspaper in Lagos, Nigeria, where I will conduct focus groups and staff training this summer and fall, as part of a larger Garcia Media team. (Lagos is quite the experience, and you can read more about my visit in May on my travel blog.)
  • Another daily project which is in development and I can’t discuss here or now. Let’s just say, it’s “niche”-y.

The lesson: launch opportunities exist in yet untapped markets, and the demand for focused and well-placed print advertising lives on, for now.

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