Style Guides: Still important!

Upon reading my recent blog post with tips for setting up Indesign and Quark style sheets, templates and libraries, one reader writes to ask, what about design style manuals – do they still matter in the age of heavy formatting via pagination systems? To which I say, yes, absolutely! Feel free to visit my newly updated post on the importance of stylebooks – one of the most viewed articles on this site over the years.

Since I first wrote that tip sheet, I’d now suggest that style guides should be shorter and to the point, and probably updated more often (as it seems redesigns are happening every several years and sometimes every year!), and in many newsrooms they have moved online (in the forms of searchable PDFs or intranet resources). But, the fundamental philosophies remains the same. If you have tips for how design manuals have served your newsrooms, add them to the comments section or email me, and I’ll include in a future posting.

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