Standard of Kenya: The Obama link


During several months in Kenya over the last year, working with my client, The Standard Group, interest was high at the newspaper and in the community about the candidacy of Barack Obama (whose father was Kenyan). During his visit to the country in 1996, Obama stopped by the newspaper to visit with media leaders. You can read an account of that visit here. In his only visit to a Kenyan media house, Obama addressed the government raid just months earlier on the newsroom and on free speech in general. Throughout my visits, I was asked: “do you think he can do it? Do you think he can beat that woman?” At the time, the Democratic nomination had not been secured; today if any question remains, it’s “do you think he can beat that Republican?” We’ll find out soon enough!

[Of possible interest: Check out the documentary of his visit to Kenya, “Senator Obama Goes to Africa.”]

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