Ever wanted to give a Design Police citation?

Design Police

I know you’ve been there – reading a perfectly fine newspaper, magazine, billboard, poster, flier … when it jumps out at you. BAD GRAPHIC DESIGN. A horrible font, bad kerning, hyphenation horrors, cliches, nonsense, poor color choices – well, you get it. And you’re just dying to SAY SOMETHING to the guilty party. Well now comes your chance, courtesy the Design Police. Somehow (not sure) this 5-page PDF landed on my desktop, replete with scary red warnings that you can print and apply to design violations wherever you see them. (Print on peel ‘n stick paper for ease of use.) “Helvetica was an unimaginative choice.” “Awful library stock photo.” “Bad idea.” All these and more are instantly at your disposal! Link here to download 5-page PDF (excerpt shown above.) For the source, go here. Thanks, Design Police!

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