Trib doubletruck delivers “community report”

Chicago Tribune house ad


Coincidentally, I picked up today’s newspaper from the porch and saw a front-page promo: “Publisher’s Message: Tribune is committed to our communities,” teasing to a doubletruck house ad inside. Since I had been blogging about newspaper marketing for several days, the timing piqued my interest.

It’s more like an annual report than a plea to readers to appreciate the paper (which I had been writing about), but still, makes a good read for anyone interested in the topic of newspaper marketing. The spread tries to do an awful lot – talks about the good TribCo has always done in the community (events, charities, NIE, etc.), tells readers how they can also give back to the community during tough times (nice), and in a small corner, some self-promotion about the “Watchdog Reporting” the paper has been doing. I think that element deserves to be played up more clearly and aggressively – in other ads, direct mail, billboards, TV ads perhaps? (See previous blog post, encouraging papers to move from the generic to more specific, hard-hitting promotions, such as “What have we done for you … lately?”)

Curious that I couldn’t find this content promoted online, though I know newspaper web staffs are always strapped to get as much extra content online as they might like. (Wonder if there may be an even stronger need to get these messages to web visitors, or to lost or potential readers or advertisers of the print product, rather than to current readers.) Bill Adee, who leads web efforts at Trib, was kind enough to send me a link to the PDF file. If you want the real deal, in a higher-res 8MB file, you can follow this link sent to me by Bill. PDF should download automatically. Or you can click on the image above to call up a somewhat larger JPG version than what you see here.

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