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[Note: After 2009, email to inquire about availability of this offer.]

For the third time in a week I’ve been contacted by former students, designers or clients who are – surprise – in the market for a job, wanting my thoughts on their portfolios. Yep, times are tough. To help out, I’m offering free critiques, of digital portfolios only, for designers who are, or may be, in the job market. This is a limited time offer, but for starters, I’ll commit to review and comment on, via email, the first 10 submissions that might come my way. (Put “Portfolio review” in your subject line when you email me at, and provide any info on your background that may be helpful.) Highlights from the best submissions may be used on this blog at a later date, for a followup posting with real-world advice on how to put together a successful digital portfolio. Who knows, a link here might lead to a lead on a job. Send me your tips and advice from the trenches on what seems to be working for you, as well, and I will share in a future post.

Monday’s submission was from a former student whose site is still in progress, so I may share that later. Today’s email and portfolio link is from Alan Booth, the talented (and now-former) art and design director for Business Insurance Europe, a quality Crain’s business weekly launched a year and a half ago which apparently didn’t quite get entrenched enough to build a support base it would need in this economy. (Hmmm, maybe chaos in the insurance industry didn’t help much, either.)

I was the consultant on the project and immensely enjoyed working with Alan and the crew for a short period in London. Its sister publication, the successful Business Insurance flagship, with which I have consulted on several occasions, remains based here in Chicago. (Last I checked.)

Click on the image above or here and you can review Alan’s work with BIE, as well as his special sections, corporate communications, infographics, and work for The Sunday Times of London and The Wall Street Journal Europe.

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