Another Dutch treat: Unique cover type from Hollands Diep

Followup from yesterday’s post, an interview with and work from Dutch art director Jaap Biemans of Intermediair magazine: Check out Jaap’s alluring cover designs for the literary glossy Hollands Diep, which he calls “our take on Vanity Fair. It’s a mix with Leibovitz photographs and stories from people like Salmon Rushdie and the best Dutch writers, and the best photographers like Erwin Olaf and Anton Corbijn and Van Lamsweerde.” Here is the cover just published this week:

Hello, springtime! What do you think, a pretty deft marriage of logo type and cover photo, no? Wanna see more? Great to see the hierarchy and layering of secondary elements as well.

* * *

Link to additional designs from Hollands Diep (note: some covers lead to JPGs that feature inside layouts as well, like the one above)

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  1. Geert_Heerenberg

     /  February 28, 2010

    Fantastic – I have seen this covers around Holland and thought it was a provocative use of typography, within the image itself.

  2. The design & photography is great. Great layouts and use of typography! Would like to see more.

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