SND resources: stories, photos of Nairobi’s Standard redesign

Following are links to supplement my Sept. 24, 2010 talk at the SND convention in Denver, about the remake of Nairobi’s Standard newspaper, for those who want to learn more about newspaper redesign, this case study in particular, or working/living in Africa:

PORTFOLIO: A gallery of redesigned pages from The Standard on Flickr

HISTORY: History of The Standard, the story of the 2006 raid of their offices by the government, and a bit more about their place in Kenyan society.

LAUNCH: News about the paper’s first major redesign in years.

BLOG POST: A wild business trip deep into the bush of Africa, to conduct a management retreat for The Standard.

PHOTO ALBUMS: My photo albums from Kenya, including visits to the Kibera slum, work there with a collective of self-taught artists, and efforts to begin a community library:

BLOG POST: How The Standard relaunch sharpened its watchdog role.

BLOG POST: In The Standard newsroom when major news breaks out – the explosion of a major supermarket just a few blocks away:

BLOG POST: Designing in Africa: What’s that like?

BLOG POST: Working in Africa: Three American women tell why they did it and loved it.

WHY ARE WE HERE? I opened my presentation by describing how I found common ground with a client from a very different culture by asking the fundamental question, “Why are we here?” (Making the world better via disseminating news and influencing views.) Related to this is a photo project I recently undertook, where we asked: Why do you do what you do? It’s a little bit of a detour but one I hope you enjoy!

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