Holy Hogwarts! Former redesign client creates movie magic

It’s always wonderful to see a former redesign client doing enterprising work, even if the consultant had nothing to do with it. Such is the case with the Victoria (TX) Advocate, which I redesigned a few years back. We cleaned up and organized the paper a bit, and did some training on better headlines and graphics and teamwork, but it was after all that took place – and some transition occurred in editorial leadership – that Ryan Huddle and his team really took off with the paper’s weekly entertainment section.

This week they went over the top (in a good way) with Harry Potter-themed pages from front to back. The center spread in particular (above) is a knockout. Normally I’m not wild about type that makes me work a little harder to read it, but in this case the treatment seems entirely appropriate and inviting. (I’m not that much of a Potter fan and it makes me want to dive in.) Makes me think there have to be a few kids in Victoria thinking, “wow, newspapers can be cool!” and who knows, maybe wanting to go into the business some day. (Just like the Mini Page® did for me circa 1974.) Especially terrific is to read in Charles Apple’s blog (link below) about the teamwork, communication and planning that made the magic happen (something I try to elevate in every newsroom I work with, sometimes with mixed success). Kudos to Ryan and crew – looking forward to more great work coming out of Victoria.

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  1. Ryan Huddle

     /  November 22, 2010

    sorry this reply is late. I wanted to say thanks for the great post and everything you have done for the Advocate in the past.
    I was not sure how to reach you to answer your questions about the new section, so I sent it to Charles. here is the link http://apple.copydesk.org/2010/11/22/ryan-huddle-on-why-victoria-texas-creates-those-cool-movie-themed-treatments/
    The teenagers really seemed to like the edition we did. Since the edition came out in Thursdays paper and that night the movie opened that night teenagers already had it in their hands at the Theatre. We took 1,200 up to the theatre that night to pass out after the movie. We had about 700 left since only 500 people showed up. The good news is that the movie theatre put them on the counters and the remaining papers were gone by the Friday night.
    Thanks again and really glad you liked the edition.
    Ryan Huddle

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