Chicago Reader: moving forward (with a quick look back)

Favorite covers of the Chicago Reader from 2010.

Click to link to Flickr image gallery showing individual covers.

Today’s news of a new editor-in-chief at the Chicago Reader is a good push forward for a redesign that has been in the works there (in fits and starts) for a few months. We aim for a spring launch date for the paper soon to be helmed by Mara Shalhoup, currently with Creative Loafing in Atlanta, where I assisted with a redesign in mid-2010. (While I have received some very nice comments about that work, which you can review at the links below, I also have to point out that the scope of our work here in Chicago is more challenging and complex. Seriously, it’s a pickle, though often a fun one.)

I thought I’d mark the occasion by looking back at 2010 – a challenging year for the paper by any stretch – and point out some of their covers that caught my eye (click image above to link to gallery). During the entire year, I was a Reader reader, since I live in Chicago, and I’m a compulsive newsstand checker in a city chock full o’ competitive newspapers. It’s like a bizarre journalist form of OCD – I can’t help but check out newsstands, repeatedly throughout the day, in any city I’m walking around. I can’t help it. I judge the cover visuals and headlines, and play a game in my head: “would I pick that up?” These are all covers that made me want to pick up the Reader, dive in and learn more. All covers produced by Art Director Paul John Higgins. Stories shepherded by previous Editors Alison True, Kiki Yablon, and staff.

Impactful covers mattered, and matter, to all these folks, and that is certain to continue in the months to come under Mara’s watch. Onward!


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