From a campus mag, a word-visual marriage to learn from

Sharp, focused, relevant words, married up with fun, surprising, captivating imagery – what more could you ask for from a magazine? Over the years it has seemed like pulling teeth to get that out of some of my professional clients, but the student staff of INSIDE magazine at IU-Bloomington (some of whom I have mentored in recent years) have made it seem effortless with their latest edition. You can quickly download and read the PDF here and visit their website here, but I recommend doing both. The PDF shows off an integration of words and visuals that I don’t think I’ve ever come across at the college level, and that make me leap with joy when I find it in the “adult world.” Longer narrative items mix with lots of shorter, quick, but still punchy and useful elements. Says magazine design guru Robert Newman, on his Newmanology Facebook feed: “There’s a lot of rich design here, wonderfully detailed and imaginatively art directed. It’s as good as many ‘real’ consumer magazines.” Can’t get much better praise than that.

Sample INSIDE spreads that are heavier with narrative storytelling and give good play to student portraits.

Kudos go to Editor Sarah Hutchins, Art Director Larry Buchanan, Photo Editor Zach Hetrick and all their staff and contributors. Related links:

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  1. Here’s a student magazine ‘Esperanto’ from Melbourne, Australia that i helped design, not as good as Inside but we only had a team of three, and very little contributors… which makes things a bit trickier

  2. Hey Ron,

    Really enjoy the site. I’m really impressed by INSIDE’s energy. Last semester I redesigned and managed North by Northwestern magazine, here at Northwestern University. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the glossy our staff assembled. We don’t have any faculty advisors, so it’s always nice to get professional feedback.

  3. Hey Gus I will check out your mag and let you know some thoughts! – RON

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