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What does the near future hold?

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[Aug. 1, 2013] A provocative question from the audience after my presentation today to the Florida Magazine Association, “The Road to Revamp: Inside the Magazine Redesign Process.” What do I think the near future holds for print magazines? My reply: That despite lots of early enthusiasm for digital offerings (which are still an important area to explore), devotion to the print product remains quite high, among readers and, equally important, among premium advertisers (i.e. those willing to pay top dollar for the exposure that a print ad brings). My own consulting work is thriving in the area of magazine redesign, live/ongoing design direction and production, newsroom training, and brand consulting. New titles are still being launched. While some titles are indeed folding (with some even coming back, such as Newsweek), this strikes me as natural evolution, perhaps accelerated as certain types of titles, such as the general interest news weekly, just don’t resonate in the way that they did in an earlier era. It’s time to reassess, reinvent, and redesign, for many. Here is a compendium of resources mentioned in my presentation that may help you or other magazine professionals move forward:

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