He wears pink socks: A Dean Baquet/ NYTimes reading list for UMJSchool

Baquet is seemingly everywhere, including the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Link here to learn why...

Baquet is seemingly everywhere, including the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Link here to learn why…

Hebdo, Abramson, innovation, diversity, mobile, Magazine, multimedia: Studying up on an esteemed visitor, his company

In advance of this Thursday’s visit to the University of Montana School of Journalism by Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of The New York Times, students in a variety of classes including J494: The Pollner Seminar, Critical Thinking About Design and Disruption have been studying up on the institution, its innovations, and the man, who will spend an hour with our class and give a public lecture later that night. Following is a curated list of articles and links, including many assigned to J494, for anyone wanting to learn more in advance of his visit to campus. (Related, from this blog: “4 big ways the NYTimes is helping us teach design and disruption.”)


Dean Baquet bio with links to his Times columns and articles (NYTimes) 
Baquet assumes editorship after departure of Jill Abramson
(NYTimes, David Carr)
On Abramson, race, surviving cancer, and ‘TMZ envy’ (Daily Beast, Lloyd Grove)
Meet Dean Baquet, the Times’ first black boss (New York magazine, Joe Coscarelli)
“One of the most famous quotes in political journalism came from his reporting”: 10 facts about Baquet
(Politico, Lucy McCalmont)
Baquet: Media failed after 9/11, hopes next Snowden comes to them (Huffington Post, Michael Calderone)
Dean Baquet calls critic of Times’ Hebdo decision an ‘asshole’ (Politico, Dylan Byers)
‘We were arrogant,’ Baquet says of Hebdo decision (Spiegel, Isabell Hülsen and Holger Stark)
Turbulence at the Times (Politico longform from 2013)
Baquet gives tour of private office, says he checks Facebook 15 times a day (Hollywood Reporter)


Baquet’s ‘charting the future’ memo to Times staff (NYT, Margaret Sullivan) 
The New York Times’ Innovation Report: ‘one of the key documents of this media age’
(Nieman Lab, Joshua Benton) View PDF within article or link here to download directly.
NYT Public Editor’s March 21 column, “the curious (and vital) power of print,” and her followup from last Friday, where Clay Shirkey offers her “a darker narrative” about the paper’s future. (NYT, Margaret Sullivan)
New York Times shifting resources from ‘every division’ to mobile (Advertising Age)
Times’ CIO Marc Frons: What we are doing to be a mobile-first company (The Enterprisers Project)
Facebook may host news sites’ content, including NYT (NYT) … and why that’s so terrifying (The Atlantic)
The Upshot emerges as a potentially lucrative franchise at the Times (Advertising Age)
Baquet: NYT will retire system of pitching stories for the print Page 1 (Poynter, Benjamin Mullin)
The New York Times’ Instagram strategy (Digiday)
Behind the February relaunch of the Times Magazine (New York Times Magazine)
The Times Magazine redesign: Textbook ‘design and disruption’ (This blog)


2014: The year in interactive storytelling, graphics and multimedia at the Times (New York Times)
The Lens Blog: Photojournalism, video and visual journalism at the Times (New York Times)
Personal portfolio of Times multimedia journalist Larry Buchanan (guest presenter to our class on April 9) and links to published Times multimedia projects (Larry Buchanan, New York Times)

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