For Akron Beacon Journal, the debut of a ‘facelift’ redesign

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.43.02 PM

[Samples of the redesigned pages.]

When Bruce Winges, Editor and Vice President of the Akron Beacon Journal, first contacted me in January 2015 about a possible redesign, he cautioned that he didn’t think he had to blow the whole place up – and didn’t really have the time or budget for that, anyway. What we agreed on was a limited set of consulting services that allowed him and his team to meet a very tight deadline and to create enough substantial change, and increase in value, to prompt readers and advertisers to take notice.

Read the rest of this story, published on Medium – including how the “facelift” redesign concept works, how the paper marketed the changes to readers and advertisers, and how the Beacon Journal enhanced its digital publishing efforts as well.

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