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Tampa Tribune shines
in Redesign, Week One

Following are live pages from Day 2 of the Tampa Tribune’s redesign. (More on the jump.) Click twice on the image to access a larger view of each page. (Link to previous blog post that examines the project in detail.) For additional pages from the first two weeks of the redesign launch, visit this Flickr […]

Redesigning to sell, not extra copies,
but the publication itself

“Is it worth committing to a redesign if we’re thinking about putting our newspaper or magazine up for sale?” I’ve fielded this inquiry a few times in recent months and thought it would make a good blog post. Particularly if your publication hasn’t been refreshed in a long while, redesign is something to seriously consider. […]

Richmond Times-Dispatch
redesign unveils Dec. 7

Yes, Virginia, there’s a lot to look forward to this holiday season, for lovers of improved newspapers. The Richmond Times-Dispatch launches design and content changes this week (Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010). Above is a quick look at daily and front page prototypes; live pages will be posted here this week. Among the changes: Bigger body […]

Tampa Tribune unveils design, content changes today

Today’s front page launches the new look. Click image twice to view entire page. Update: See an expanded gallery of page design images from the first two weeks of the redesign. [TAMPA, Oct. 12, 2010] The Tampa Tribune debuts some new design elements and added content today (Oct. 12, 2010). Media General hired me in […]

Clients Past and Current

Magazines  |  Urban Dailies  |  Alternative Weekly / Niche Publications Business News Publications  |  Smaller Market Newspapers  |  Custom Training International  |  Teaching / Public Speaking  |  Marketing and Other Special Projects Community Outreach [Updated January 2018] Where available, hyperlinks take you to the primary blog posts about the project, or a portfolio album of page designs.

Warren Buffett’s good taste in community news, dynamic design

Maybe Warren Buffett knows the value of good design, as well as solid local community news? Link via the image above or here to review an inspiring portfolio of the Media General dailies and weeklies acquired this week by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The papers (whose redesign I directed in 2010-2011) sport solid, inviting and often […]

Osama Day 2 front page: Dissecting
St. Pete’s mastery of editing, design

Today’s second-day front by the St. Pete Times is a standout. Here are three reasons why. I may be an average consumer of news about the Osama capture/killing – viewed the press conference, and listen to NPR in the morning, spend 20 minutes or so surfing stories on the web, follow Facebook/Twitter feeds and review […]

Innovation in U.S. papers: Where is it? How to define it?

>> How do we define innovation in newspapers? It’s tricky. Let’s start by giving credit to those trying bold new ways to connect with audiences. Here’s a look inside some very different print publications: a Seattle alt-weekly, the San Francisco literary publisher McSweeney’s, and the Chicago Tribune. One of the fun things about being a […]

Newspaper reinvention: What can you do in a week?

An interesting question from the recent SND conference in Denver: “How has newspaper design consulting been affected by the economy and the upheaval in the industry?” Answer: Dramatically! GONE are the days of leisurely redesigns that take 9 months or longer … you visit for a casual discussion of change, go back to your studio […]