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Prototyping a startup newspaper?
Here are 5 free tips to do it right

[Sample pages from a 28-page prototype of the Rocky shared publicly today. To peruse the entire thing and offer your own opinions, click here.] [Dec. 9, 2014] Just across the Twitter has come news that “Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz is exploring the possibility of reviving the Rocky Mountain News.” Hurrah, one might think! Someone believes in the power […]

Tips for making news pages smarter, at-a-glance

[FOLLOWING IS ONE OF SEVERAL HANDOUTS POSTED HERE ESPECIALLY FOR MEMBERS OF THE AWNA – BUT ANYONE IS WELCOME TO READ AND ENJOY!] Sometimes it’s good to revisit the basics, as I had a chance to do this weekend as a speaker invited by the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association in Calgary. I am reminded that there […]

Down with type abuse!

Newsrooms around the world have benefited from the typographic philosophies and sensibilities of Kimberly Elam, chairperson of the Department of Graphic & Interactive Communication at Ringling College of Art and Design. Her rules of typographic usage: I WILL NOT stretch or squish type. I WILL NOT outline type. I WILL NOT stack type. I WILL […]

IFRA asks: What’s the state of news design?

Brian Veseling, Senior Editor of the IFRA magazine “Newspaper Techniques,” wrote recently to ask me a few questions about the state of the art of news design and redesign. Here are his questions and my answers: 1) How has newspaper design evolved in the past few years and how much do you expect it to […]

Do page-one teasers boost single copy sales?

From the mailbag this week, another editor writes to ask if  promos (throws, teasers) in the mast or nameplate area really boost single copy newspaper sales: Mr. Reason, We are examing how we use banners/teasers on our front page to make sure they are as effective as possible. Right now we often rely on a […]

‘What is a man to do?’ Start up a newspaper!

Have had the good fortune to work with Dele Olojede on the founding of NeXT, a start-up newspaper in Lagos, Nigeria. The city can be called a challenging environment to start up any business, at any time, but a recession makes things extra challenging. Despite this, NeXT launched as a website in December, and in […]

Another creative use for newspaper pages

Have a lot of papers lying around? Thinking of a new career, perhaps, starting up a band? This photo suggests solutions to both dilemmas!

Style Guides: Still important!

Upon reading my recent blog post with tips for setting up Indesign and Quark style sheets, templates and libraries, one reader writes to ask, what about design style manuals – do they still matter in the age of heavy formatting via pagination systems? To which I say, yes, absolutely! Feel free to visit my newly […]

Indesign/Quark: help for setting up
logical templates, Style Sheets

A inquiry has landed in my inbox seeking help with setting up Indesign templates and style sheets. I thought others might find it helpful to read these basic steps toward effective templating of a new design (most of which which probably would apply to Quark as well): 1) In my view, you need to try […]

Article: Redesigning your magazine?

Earlier this year I contributed a chapter to the just published book, Designing Magazines, edited by Jandos Rothstein. Here follows the chapter, and if you are really into magazine design, you’ll want to take a closer look at the book at Amazon, or visit the website, www.Designing