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Framing a future for Kibera’s M2 (Maasai Mbili) artists collective

Story and Photos by Ron Reason [For a variety of other essays and collected writings and images of my work in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World, visit this link.] Among first impressions of visiting Nairobi’s massive Kibera slum: the place is a lot more colorful, and visually expressive and inspiring, than one might expect. […]

Osama Day 2 front page: Dissecting
St. Pete’s mastery of editing, design

Today’s second-day front by the St. Pete Times is a standout. Here are three reasons why. I may be an average consumer of news about the Osama capture/killing – viewed the press conference, and listen to NPR in the morning, spend 20 minutes or so surfing stories on the web, follow Facebook/Twitter feeds and review […]

Kudos for a campus newspaper redesign well done

[March 23, 2011] Congratulations to editors and staff at the Indiana Daily Student campus newspaper for their redesign launch this week. The first live pages produced by the staff are shown above – click to enlarge. I am proud to have been one of three alumni (along with Pat Kastner and Eric White, shown in the […]

From a campus mag, a word-visual marriage to learn from

Sharp, focused, relevant words, married up with fun, surprising, captivating imagery – what more could you ask for from a magazine? Over the years it has seemed like pulling teeth to get that out of some of my professional clients, but the student staff of INSIDE magazine at IU-Bloomington (some of whom I have mentored […]

Injun Summer, meet Tribune Summer

x I have vivid childhood memories of my grandfather, a longtime Chicago Tribune reader in Valparaiso, Ind., pulling out the paper each autumn and showing us kids John T. McCutcheon’s “Injun Summer.” At the time it appeared regularly on the inside back cover of the Trib‘s glossy Sunday magazine (ah, those were the good old […]

If Mondrian designed the news

Love the presentation of the Times Skimmer web page option, from The New York Times. (Accessible from a link at center top of their home page.) Sensible, orderly, clean, and sort of un-designed. Always enjoyed the Times’ traditional web layout in the past, but as competition for my attention magnifies, the old hierarchies of 6 […]

Tribune DIY charticle: informative, engaging

Reading the Chicago Tribune semi-regularly, I am reminded of the nice photo/graphic/design work done by its staff. Even in tight times, good work jumps out, as it did this week in the paper’s “Sunday” supplement. (The new incarnation of the paper’s magazine, it’s often filled with lots of consumer-friendly info). When I turned to Page […]

Say what?

What the heck is this? Would you run a cover like this – including your logo translated to Chinese? Learn more after the jump!

Another Dutch treat: Unique cover type from Hollands Diep

Followup from yesterday’s post, an interview with and work from Dutch art director Jaap Biemans of Intermediair magazine: Check out Jaap’s alluring cover designs for the literary glossy Hollands Diep, which he calls “our take on Vanity Fair. It’s a mix with Leibovitz photographs and stories from people like Salmon Rushdie and the best Dutch […]

‘Sorry! F*ck passion! Fight more!’ A Dutch mag with attitude

[SUPER BONUS: A CHECKLIST OF SIX QUESTIONS from RON REASON NEWS DESIGN, BELOW, TO ASSESS OR CREATE YOUR OWN COVER DESIGN STRATEGY.] Follow me on Twitter to be alerted to new posts like this one! See end of post for numerous fun and informative links. YEARS OF TRAVELING the world for my consulting work, photography […]