Following are recommendations from former clients. With the exception of the testimony from Judy VandeWater, all are excerpted from verified recommendations on my LinkedIn profile. Her comments are excerpted from an independent source, as noted below. For an updated client list, link here. To contact me to inquire about services, email, or phone (773) 562-7464.

Pierrette Renée Dagg Templeton, Creative Director, Crain’s Detroit Business
(Ron worked directly with Pierrette in 2014-15 on the publication’s first major redesign since 2004.)

My company hired Ron Reason as a consultant for the redesign of Crain’s Detroit Business. Our paper was celebrating its 30th anniversary, and we desired a refresh to energize both our reader base and the metro advertising community. Ron worked with my team to help us hone our vision and our workflow, while producing multiple visually appealing directions for the paper. The process was quick, creative and truly enjoyable. As a creative director, I learned so much from Ron’s expertise, and I never felt like we were on our own during this process. The end result is a modern, reader-driven publication that appeals to new readers without alienating our previous community, all while delivering new revenue opportunities.” Explore the Crain’s case study here.

Carolyn Washburn, former Vice President/ Editor, Cincinnati Enquirer
(Ron directed the redesign of the paper from broadsheet to tabloid format.)  

Ron is truly a partner. He listened carefully and thoroughly. He understood our goals. He brought ideas to the table from other experiences but molded every suggestion to our situation. Best of all, he blended organizational consulting with his design work, so our structure and culture were ready to execute the mission behind the design. He is an inspiration to work with.” Explore the Enquirer case study here.

Jeremy Weate, Multimedia Director, Timbuktu Media, Nigeria
(Ron worked with Jeremy and his team on custom newsroom training programs and the creation of multimedia strategy for the startup news organization NEXT, based in Lagos, Nigeria.)

Ron has a great perspective on how words and images should work together to create an enhanced presentation of news pieces, beginning with a highly visual approach to story planning. Ron is also a great trainer, fully capable of orchestrating engaging seminars, fully sensitive to working in different cultural environments.” Explore the NEXT case study here.

Judy VandeWater, Editor, Catholic Health World
The following quote is an excerpt from an independently reported article in Signature, the magazine of the trade group Association Media & Publishing:

One of Ron’s strengths is his pragmatism. We needed something that would work for us, a design dictated by content, but one that would help us break through the publication clutter on our readers’ desks. And that is what he delivered.” Link here to read the in-depth account of the Catholic Health World redesign process, and more of Judy’s testimonial.

Jonah Bloom, former Editor, Advertising Age
(Ron worked with Jonah and his team on newsroom training and several iterations of redesign.)

Ron worked with me on two re-designs for Advertising Age. Perhaps most importantly he showed a real understanding of the day-to-day editorial process and limitations – something I’ve found to be the biggest weakness of most other editorial designers. His designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but actually help build a better publication that gives more (and more useful) information to the audience in other words, he can actually help you improve your journalism not just the look and navigability of your product. He’s also easy to work with, punctual, creative and an interesting guy to spend time with. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.” Explore the work of Advertising Age here.

Anne Glover, Digital Content Editor, Tampa Bay Times
(Ron worked for and with Anne for many years while a staff member and manager at the Times, and collaborated on occasional programs at The Poynter Institute.)

Ron is a creative, thoughtful, detail-oriented designer who possesses one of the quickest minds I have ever worked with. Whether he was minutes from a pressure-packed late-night deadline or was working on something that required long-term project management, Ron always maintained a sense of calm and purpose that made working with him a pleasure. He’s a wonderful teacher as well. And he’s an innovator who was (and is) often ahead of trends. I still to this day look to him for inspiration and guidance when I’m in need of a creative fix.”

Pegie Stark, Director at Pegie Stark Design
(Ron has worked with Pegie on numerous teaching and consulting projects.)

Ron combines a unique blend of intelligence, extraordinary craft, creativity and thoughtfulness into every project or seminar he creates, teaches in or participates in. His ability to create exquisite word / image combinations that reflect the content or message is clever and unique. His ability to articulate why visual solutions work in clear and concise ways is his special gift. These qualities make Ron Reason the consummate teacher, designer, manager and communicator.

“As a colleague Ron is a ‘partner’ in every aspect of the project or seminar. In working with Ron on both newspaper design projects and seminars, I have found that he is thorough and imaginative in developing creative strategies that result in doable and realistic outcomes. He encourages people to think beyond the ordinary and to enter into areas of creativity by posing questions and concepts that stretch imaginations. His impressive work experience as a writer, editor, manager, creative director and designer contribute to this skill.”

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