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Photojournalism survival tips from Tribune pro Alex Garcia

Considering a career in photojournalism, already entrenched in one but want to get better (or make fewer gaffes along the way), or just want an inside look at some do’s and don’ts from a pro? Check out the following blog entries from Chicago Tribune standout Alex Garcia: Photo tips you should know before you’re ready to […]

8 Random Thoughts About Tribune’s ‘Chicago Live!’

x [CHICAGO] Last night I attended the second taping of Chicago Tribune‘s experimental new show, Chicago Live! It’s a marriage of three local icons: Tribune, Second City, and the Chicago Theatre, where the taping takes place. An unusual extension of the Tribune brand, the show was described by one of its creators as “a mix […]

Innovation in U.S. papers: Where is it? How to define it?

>> How do we define innovation in newspapers? It’s tricky. Let’s start by giving credit to those trying bold new ways to connect with audiences. Here’s a look inside some very different print publications: a Seattle alt-weekly, the San Francisco literary publisher McSweeney’s, and the Chicago Tribune. One of the fun things about being a […]

Tribune DIY charticle: informative, engaging

Reading the Chicago Tribune semi-regularly, I am reminded of the nice photo/graphic/design work done by its staff. Even in tight times, good work jumps out, as it did this week in the paper’s “Sunday” supplement. (The new incarnation of the paper’s magazine, it’s often filled with lots of consumer-friendly info). When I turned to Page […]

Great photo blogs: Chicago, St. Pete

Want some quick inspiration about photojournalism and editing? And a few insightful words from the man behind it? Check out the wonderful photo blog shooting from the hip, by Chicago Tribune staffer Scott Strazzante. I often see his wonderful images in the paper and really enjoy the outtakes and observations he posts here, such as […]

A thriving life after newspaper design? Yep. Here’s how

[Chicago] Every day brings new conversations with editors, news designers, photographers and students on the subject: what sort of life, and career, can there be after newspapers? And in this economy? To that end, I posted an entry yesterday questioning how we define ourselves, our lives, our work. I recently got back in touch with […]

Trib doubletruck delivers “community report”

[THIRD IN A SERIES ON MARKETING NEWSPAPERS] Coincidentally, I picked up today’s newspaper from the porch and saw a front-page promo: “Publisher’s Message: Tribune is committed to our communities,” teasing to a doubletruck house ad inside. Since I had been blogging about newspaper marketing for several days, the timing piqued my interest. It’s more like […]

The new Trib tab: How’d they do that?

[Chicago] It’s a big week of change and not just in D.C. Here in Chicago, newspaper readers like me woke up today to another innovation from the Tribune – a new compact format of the daily newspaper. (The company’s tabloid sibling, Red Eye, has been around for a while, but it’s a different creature: a […]

Trib redesign, Day 2: One reader, a few thoughts

A quick follow-up to yesterday’s thoughts from a reader” on the revamped Chicago Tribune … Dynamic front page – the hot markets story doesn’t hurt – but please, please, don’t jump stories unnecessarily 

Tribune redesign: One reader’s view

[Chicago] There are reasons it can be silly to comment on or especially, “review” the redesign work of others. First, on launch day one may have no access to the physical copy of the newspaper, and I think it’s sort of pointless to assess a new design  (especially organization/navigation) without holding it in your hands […]