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Who needs an artist? Tips for using Google maps for news stories

[FOLLOWING IS ONE OF SEVERAL HANDOUTS POSTED¬†HERE ESPECIALLY FOR MEMBERS OF THE ALBERTA WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS ASSOCIATION¬†– BUT ANYONE IS WELCOME TO READ AND ENJOY!] In a review of more than a hundred news pages produced by the members of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association, at whose conference I was invited to speak this weekend, I […]

Say what?

What the heck is this? Would you run a cover like this – including your logo translated to Chinese? Learn more after the jump!

Ever wanted to give a Design Police citation?

I know you’ve been there – reading a perfectly fine newspaper, magazine, billboard, poster, flier … when it jumps out at you. BAD GRAPHIC DESIGN. A horrible font, bad kerning, hyphenation horrors, cliches, nonsense, poor color choices – well, you get it. And you’re just dying to SAY SOMETHING to the guilty party. Well now […]