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Doing journalism in Africa: What’s that like?

[For a variety of other essays and collected writings and images of my work in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World, visit this link.] By Ron Reason  [Lagos, Nigeria] I have worked on redesigns or conducted training programs in about 25 countries, but no destination has elicited the “wow” factor like Africa, among people who […]

What would Ernie Pyle say?

I’m looking forward to my first meeting Nov. 7 as a member of the alumni advisory board for the School of Journalism at Indiana University, my alma mater. Starting to wrap my head around what in the heck I might offer. I know for sure the school must be in a vastly different place than […]

Launching today:
A new Standard for design in Kenya

In its first comprehensive redesign in years, The Standard of Nairobi, Kenya launches its new design today. Above are shown thumbnails of prototypes and I hope to post live images as soon as I can obtain them. You can read the paper’s announcement of the news here. Meanwhile, here are a few fun facts about […]