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Need an ongoing or short-term creative director or visuals editor? Here’s how that works

[Looking for traditional redesign help? Start here. Newsroom training? Go here.] Expanding on recent client interest, in addition to traditional redesign consulting and newsroom training, I’m now offering two new services: guest creative direction, and remote design editing and production. These may be of particular benefit to smaller publications, who may need these services but have limited need or budget for […]

U of Montana High School Journalism Day: Visual Journalism Resources

By Ron Reason T. Anthony Pollner Distinguished Professor, U of Montana School of Journalism, Spring 2015 Following are some quick links to explore, particularly for students attending my presentation “Creating Visual Journalism” at High School Journalism Day at the University of Montana School of Journalism, Thursday, April 9, 2015. Part 1: COOL STUFF HAPPENING AT THE […]

Magazine design: Inside pages are important, too!

Everyone loves magazine covers, right? (Check out CoverJunkie!) But in the cult of magazine design and redesign, not enough love seems to be given to inside pages. I’ve updated my Flickr gallery of magazine pages from redesign clients to show not only covers but inside pages – TOC pages, news pages, some of them quite […]

Shopping your design portfolio?
Free critiques offered here

[Note: After 2009, email to inquire about availability of this offer.] For the third time in a week I’ve been contacted by former students, designers or clients who are – surprise – in the market for a job, wanting my thoughts on their portfolios. Yep, times are tough. To help out, I’m offering free […]