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2012 forecast: When does a newspaper redesign make sense?

One of the most popular pages on the companion site to this blog (Ron Reason News Design) has been my Q&A on when and how to hire a newspaper redesign consultant. I’ve just updated it to reflect the very different consulting approaches my clients have asked of me within the last year, and my thoughts on […]

At Poynter, a must-see photo exhibit on Africa

Poynter has long been a place where smart conversation about international photojournalism has taken place. (Kudos to my friend and former colleague Kenny Irby, who has worked hard to bring previous exhibits including the Pictures of the Year winners.) Thus I was not surprised during my recent visit to see Poynter hosting a world-class photo […]

Celebrating SND success with the St. Pete Times

After many years of being the uncelebrated underdog (relatively speaking), this year the St. Pete Times made up for it with a big sweep in this year’s SND (Society for News Design) competition. So Sara Quinn of Poynter had the great idea to ask me (as a 10-year Times alumnus and avid fan of the […]