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Rethinking your magazine, newspaper, website or other publication? Start here.

By Ron Reason Welcome to Design With Reason, the blog of Ron Reason Consulting. I’m passionate about excellence in storytelling, editorial design, branding and strategy, and have collaborated worldwide for more than 25 years with news publishers, as well as corporate, academic and nonprofit news providers. (Bio. LinkedIn. Client list.)

2012 forecast: When does a newspaper redesign make sense?

One of the most popular pages on the companion site to this blog (Ron Reason News Design) has been my Q&A on when and how to hire a newspaper redesign consultant. I’ve just updated it to reflect the very different consulting approaches my clients have asked of me within the last year, and my thoughts on […]

Search-and-destroy: pesky journalism design myths

Tom Gayda, Director of Student Publications for North Central (Indianapolis) High School, writes to research a story for Blend Magazine, a new publication from Ball State and distributed by the National Scholastic Press Association. This is a magazine made especially for high school journalism students from across the country. “The story I am working on […]