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Osama Day 2 front page: Dissecting
St. Pete’s mastery of editing, design

Today’s second-day front by the St. Pete Times is a standout. Here are three reasons why. I may be an average consumer of news about the Osama capture/killing – viewed the press conference, and listen to NPR in the morning, spend 20 minutes or so surfing stories on the web, follow Facebook/Twitter feeds and review […]

Taking the temp of news design – big scary fever charts and other options

When I create a design training program for a newspaper client, I like to use as many fresh examples of news page and web designs as possible, from recent clients or papers I admire. This keeps the conversation on top of design trends and makes the examples seem more relevant. However, working outside the U.S. […]

Celebrating SND success with the St. Pete Times

After many years of being the uncelebrated underdog (relatively speaking), this year the St. Pete Times made up for it with a big sweep in this year’s SND (Society for News Design) competition. So Sara Quinn of Poynter had the great idea to ask me (as a 10-year Times alumnus and avid fan of the […]